ARDT gallery was established in 1983 at 50 W 57 Street in New York City.  For the past decade, we have been at our current location in the beautiful resort town of Southampton, New York, representing both established and emerging artists whose work is at the forefront of the contemporary art market.   




                                    David Byrd                          Ceravolo                                    



                        Joe Doyle                                                Candice CMC              



 Harald Marinius Olson                                          Sanseviero



                  Giancarlo Impiglia                        Kim Simmonds      




                                                                         Charles Ford                                                                          



 Robert Roesch 




D  Flowers                 Christophe 




              Robin Morris                    Recent Acquisitions             




Vintage Documents



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 David Byrd    Ceravolo    Sanseviero   Charles Ford   Robin Morris   Joe Doyle   Robert Roesch    Candice CMC   Giancarlo Impiglia    D Flowers  Christophe  Recent Acquisitions    Documents