Original Paintings 

Charles Ford's work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York.  His "City Paintings" have a very realistic color palette, very true to life. His colors aren't exaggerated and distorted so that they become the subject of the canvas, his imagery becomes the subject, and his true to life color and expert technique capture the viewers attention.  You look at the scene and then you realize that you see a reflection of the car in front of the window and then you realize that you see a reflection in the window across the street of a different car.  Then you start exploring the entire painting and marvel at what you are seeing.  We invite you to view the paintings of Charles Ford and to contact us with any questions that you may have.

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The Standard Grill 17.5x25.5  Web.jpg (635772 bytes)          Revel Restaurant 20x20 Web.jpg (512991 bytes)         Hector's Cafe 14x17 Web.jpg (859972 bytes)   


Tong's Tailor 15x16 Web.jpg (723426 bytes)           Umbertos Clam House 20x31 Web.jpg (545811 bytes)


        Dog and Duck web.jpg (951371 bytes)           Vesuvio Bakery web.jpg (806640 bytes)           The Ship web.jpg (961806 bytes)    


Charles Ford large web.jpg (1098320 bytes)          Charles Ford_ Blue ribbon.jpg (39404 bytes)         Village General Store.jpg (719478 bytes)


The Lamb web.jpg (858647 bytes)                 El Rincon De Edpana web.jpg (872701 bytes)


Chinese Laundry.jpg (480320 bytes)        Russ and Daughters.jpg (574087 bytes)       Victory Corset.jpg (498704 bytes)


ford_garbers.jpg (41269 bytes)     Prompt Cleaners.jpg (395770 bytes)     Laundry.jpg (640921 bytes)


        China Land  web.jpg (765933 bytes)       News stand diary.jpg (934467 bytes)


toumanidis.jpg (575116 bytes)      Hildreths_Southampton web.jpg (646310 bytes)   


 ford_pasticceria.jpg (54042 bytes)      ford_bagel.jpg (57818 bytes)

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