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There is an excitement in the art world when you find the artist that brings a natural excitement to their work.  Christophe's paintings have everything they need, The balance, the color, the values, the emotion, the composition and just the right amount of feeling. What makes his art special is that all of his paintings have that, not just one or two, all of them do. That is how you know you are looking at the art of someone that is destined to become the one that everyone wants to own. When his work arrives at the gallery every piece is superb with every element and brush stroke in the correct location. It is not a question of selecting which is the right work to show, they are all the right work. 

Paintings below measure 54x38" framed


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Christophe 3 new full.jpg (1841438 bytes)           Christophe 5.jpg (1711442 bytes)          Christophe 8.jpg (1838298 bytes)



Christophe 1  47x31 full painting.jpg (1845158 bytes)          Christophe Untitled Blue sky 47x31.jpg (1783284 bytes)           Christophe 6.jpg (1632155 bytes)



Christophe 4.jpg (1540740 bytes)             Christophe 9 47x31.jpg (1515554 bytes)



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