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Ceravolo's Large scale paintings have received international acclaim for more three decades. His art, came to popular attention when he was commissioned to create six large scale portraits for the lobby of The Palladium Theatre in New York City.  In addition to these, his paintings are in many influential corporate and private collections, including: ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, HUGH M. HEFNER, DAVID BRENNER, MONIQUE VAN VOOREN, WARNER BROS., RCA RECORDS AND SCHENLEY INDUSTRIES to name a few.  

Ceravolo's paintings combine abstract and realistic work on the same large scale canvas (Some as large as 8 feet) making them truly unique works of art. Sometimes the abstract work is in the form of Ceravolo's trademark "illusion" which appears to be "floating" in front of the canvas, other times the abstract work is a spontaneous application of paint which adds color and texture and is in perfect compliment to the gray realistic image.


Urban Pop Paintings


Ceravolo M and M and Ben copy.jpg (2194175 bytes)             Ceravolo A Pair of Fellow 30x40 mixed media with resin.jpg (1620730 bytes)


 Ceravolo French Follies 42x30.jpg (1607036 bytes)                Ceravolo Absolutely Harmless 28x33x3.jpg (1709705 bytes)               Ceravolo Maid Service.jpg (908757 bytes)


Dorothy 60x48 finished painting signed.jpg (2490345 bytes)              Ceravolo one million BG.jpg (2308601 bytes)


The Escape that was great web.jpg (1184136 bytes)                 Ceravolo James and G 68x58.jpg (4059855 bytes)


Marilyn and the Monkey web.jpg (1141109 bytes)             Holy Beatles Batman web.jpg (1137924 bytes) 


MJ email.jpg (680145 bytes)         Elvis web.jpg (1226581 bytes)         Playing with Jagger web.jpg (1671502 bytes)         Bono and The G web.jpg (2103800 bytes)


            Urban Street painting.jpg (675369 bytes)            Wonder Jackie 50x30 web.jpg (672218 bytes)            The Assistant web.jpg (734468 bytes)


Lebron painting 72x46  web.jpg (1655705 bytes)        Can We Keep Him  44x64 Web.jpg (1094694 bytes)        Jeter and G low and inside 60x54 web.jpg (1052178 bytes)


Andy and Amos 66x46 email.jpg (805864 bytes)      Running with Heros email.jpg (596498 bytes)     Lisa Gherardini  web copy.jpg (733985 bytes)   


Hidden Monroe 2012 web.jpg (1032731 bytes)       The Accomplice painting large flat copy.jpg (767074 bytes)        cowgirl pinup 36x30 web.jpg (961921 bytes)       Hidden Sophia 44x38  web copy .jpg (711533 bytes)


Marilyn and the Gopher 72x50 Large email.jpg (725761 bytes)        Marilyn and the Playmate web 1.jpg (891632 bytes)         Marilyn Hiding 46x40 email large.jpg (942380 bytes)        Little helper 66x60 web.jpg (914217 bytes)


Dali web page.jpg (670237 bytes)      Dali painting finished web.jpg (1082166 bytes)       Cleopatra 9.jpg (1683402 bytes)


      Hidden Monroe web 1.jpg (1035362 bytes)      Endangered Species large email.jpg (980668 bytes)       Cleopatra Theda web.jpg (916678 bytes)       Art Hamptons 2011 Ceravolo and The Real Mona web.jpg (282245 bytes)     


       Masquerade web.jpg (808544 bytes)      Working on Masquerade  email.jpg (379344 bytes)      The Real Mona  web.jpg (668771 bytes)    


Aviatrix with diamond dust Art Southampton.jpg (1590427 bytes)


Wild Bill.jpg (661310 bytes)         Hopscotch drive in web.jpg (795139 bytes)




Celebrity Portrait commissions

Alice_backstage.jpg (146916 bytes)   Me and Elton_Portrait_page_website.jpg (118715 bytes)   Stewart and me.jpg (174670 bytes)   me and Dorothy Lichtenstein.jpg (361743 bytes)  

 Monique_Web72dpi.jpg (712676 bytes)    David Brenner_webpage.jpg (336068 bytes)     Hef and Christie email with painting .jpg (286277 bytes)  

To visit the website for Ceravolo's oil Portraits please visit the website  www.ceravoloportraits.com


Details of Roy Lichtenstein Painting with Aluminum panels

LichtensteinTopright_72dpi.jpg (417129 bytes)  Lichtenstein_detail_bot_right72.jpg (373729 bytes)  Lichtenstein_closeup72.jpg (389416 bytes)  Roy Painting Full.jpg (485172 bytes)


Details of Chuck Close Portrait on canvas with Aluminum and wood panels

Chuck Close original canvas web.jpg (963058 bytes)  Chuck Close Original Canvas detail 1 web.jpg (1021109 bytes)  Chuck Close Original Canvas detail 2 web.jpg (653167 bytes)  Chuck Close Original Canvas detail 3 web.jpg (1403049 bytes)


The Palladium Theatre Paintings

In 1977 Ceravolo was commissioned to create Large Rock and Roll portraits to hang in the lobby of the Palladium Concert Hall in New York City.  These paintings were to thank the acts of tremendous statue that played the Palladium Theatre.

Zappa painting being installed at The Palladium Theatre  web.jpg (385582 bytes)  palladium paintings web.jpg (178529 bytes) Jackson Brown Palladium web.jpg (317933 bytes)

Hall and Oats Palladium web.jpg (189130 bytes)




Sculpture verticle web.jpg (575644 bytes)    sculpture back web.jpg (734684 bytes)    Sculpture in Rain_72dpi.jpg (348020 bytes)

Cherry Tree sculpture large e-mail.jpg (718180 bytes)

Ceravolo's Aluminum Sculptures can be commissioned for indoor or outdoor placement.



Please call 631-726-2523 or e-mail info@ARDTgallery.com  for prices and availability


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