Recent Gallery acquisitions of Master Artists.  These are exciting pieces to add to your collection.  

We invite you to contact us with any questions that you might have.  


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Alex Katz

Alex Katz Day Lily 1.jpg (1651561 bytes)


Larry Rivers

Larry Rivers Acrylic oil stick and handmade litho on sculpted foam board.jpg (1077749 bytes)         Larry Rivers close up hands and legs.jpg (895274 bytes)     


  Larry Rivers side detail.jpg (880000 bytes) 


Red Coats Boston Massacare series 19x44.jpg (2115405 bytes)


Rivers_big B.jpg (1495901 bytes)



James Havard

James Havard 48x48 web.jpg (891998 bytes)                  Cane Garden Bay 30x20 acrylic on board.jpg (1263237 bytes)



Walter Darby Bannard

Walter Darby Bannard Black water Rocket web.jpg (1011457 bytes)





Please call 631-726-2523 or e-mail  for prices and availability

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