When viewing the work of Joe Doyle there is an immediate feeling of amazement on the part of the viewer.  Whether you are looking at his abstract illusion work from the 70's and 80's, and are intrigued by the technical skill that created the 3 dimensional illusions on the canvas, or viewing his new work, where you are drawn into the canvas and amazed by the art that he has created with his knowledge of design and technical skill, he has once again created an "Illusion" on canvas. This time the entire subject matter of his new work is an illusion.  Working with advanced computer generated imaging techniques, his skill at tromp l’oeil  has reentered the work using illusionary textures, 3D modeling, and his keen sense of perspective to create these magical works.  This time the illusion isn't in the effect of a floating gesture on the canvas, it is the entire composition of the work and the surreal quality of the images that you are viewing.  They, at the same time look real, yet there is a essence about them that says they are not real, almost too real to look real.  Next, the viewer deals with the subject matter of the piece and how each element relates to one another, which adds another twist to the paintings, in that you have the very serious yet playful message of the work.  "Red Rabbit" measures a very large 54" x 72" and the scale of the work grabs you in.  Click on "Red Rabbit" along with Joe's other canvases and take a close look at the work on a larger scale.  These are exciting pieces to add to your collection.  We invite you to view the work of Joe Doyle and to contact us with any questions that you might have.  


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