The metal sculptures of South American artist Sanseviero, fool the eye of the viewer. His "illusion sculptures" appear to be 3 dimensional boxes with open centers that you can see through, yet they are only 1/16 of an inch thick. He first designs how the formation of "Boxes" will layout and then cuts and welds the flat sculpture he has created to the metal base. He then paints his sculpture with a "trompe l'oeil" or "Fool the Eye" effect so that the flat sculpture has volume and depth, he then paints the reverse side in the same manner so that the sculpture can be displayed facing either direction or in front of a mirror. 


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Sanseviero Violet 27x17 back.jpg (884053 bytes)          Sanseviero Violet 27 side view.jpg (941221 bytes)         Sanseviero Violet 27x17  front.jpg (932542 bytes)

4 Violet Boxes   (Front, Side and Back view)


Sanseviero 5 yellow sunburst  boxes 28x19 copy.jpg (941875 bytes)       Sanseviero 5 yellow boxes side view copy.jpg (965638 bytes)       Yellow 5 copy.jpg (736488 bytes)

5 Yellow Boxes (Front, Side and Back view)


Sanseviero two tone back.jpg (1170082 bytes)        Sanseviero two tone side.jpg (1020409 bytes)        Sanseviero two tone front 27x23.jpg (1222607 bytes)

"5 Two toned elongated boxes" (Front, Side amd Back view)



Sanseviero 4 Red boxes 27.jpg (918523 bytes)            Violet copy.jpg (1045561 bytes)          4 white boxes back.jpg (1123766 bytes)  




4 Blue Boxes   (Front, Side and Back view)

Sanseviero blue IMG_6928.jpg (1673836 bytes)          Sanseviero blue side view 4.jpg (1072202 bytes)          Sanseviero Blue 4 boxes.jpg (1778839 bytes)



5 White Boxes  (Front, Side and Back view)

Sanseviero white 5 boxes.jpg (1624706 bytes)          Sanseviero white side view.jpg (1353552 bytes)           Sanseviero white on white wall.jpg (1573529 bytes)





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