Kim's paintings have an excitement to them.  They are filled with color, Texture and spontaneity.  He is the lead guitarist and founder of the Savoy Brown Blues band and he has brought the energy and emotion that is evident in his guitar playing to his canvases.

His work evokes a personal style and fascination with his instrument of choice...The Guitar.  These paintings convey his love of painting with his love and appreciation of music and are works of art that you will be proud to add to your art collection.

We are pleased to be representing Kim's wonderful artwork and invite you to view these exciting paintings.  Please contact us with any questions that you might have.


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BluesinB16x20oiloncanvas web.jpg (647138 bytes)      Caugmented9th16x20oiloncanvas web.jpg (594704 bytes)      Bluesinblackandwhite16x20oiloncanvas web.jpg (729045 bytes) 


  CompositioninAminior24x36mixedmedia.JPG (33261 bytes)       Flamenco16x20oiloncanvas.JPG (38909 bytes)       Dminoroverture18x24oiloncanvas web.jpg (704561 bytes)       Rhapsodyinred16x20oiloncanvas.JPG (53940 bytes)


RhumbainC16x20oiloncanvas web.jpg (693834 bytes)       MovementinA16x20oiloncanvas.JPG (47386 bytes)       SpanishTuning18x24acryliconcanvas.JPG (52416 bytes)   


  Csharpopus24x30oiloncanvas.JPG (48718 bytes)       MelodyinG30x40acryliconcanvas.JPG (47885 bytes)       IMG_0625  copy copy.jpg (609255 bytes)       Csharpmelody16x20oiloncanvas.JPG (41153 bytes)        

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Signed Multiple image Limited Edition Canvases

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Edition on canvas tan border web.jpg (1770458 bytes)


Edition on canvas with gray border 18x38 web.jpg (1978696 bytes)




Please call 631-726-2523 or e-mail  for prices and availability


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